2020 - 2021 3rd - 5th Grade Schedule

2020 - 2021 3rd – 5th Class Descriptions


Teacher: Jennifer Hobbs 

Grades: 3-5 

Class Fee:  Fall fee is $40, which includes the one-time cost of IEW student book.  Spring fee is $10. 

Maximum number of students: 12 

Minimum number of students:

Class Description:  This is an introductory course to the IEW writing program.  Through guided lessons, we will learn how to write using several IEW units and techniques.  My goal for this class is for students to see that writing is easy and enjoyable.   

There are a few things to note regarding this class: 

1) Students must be able to read the IEW source texts fairly well (not perfectly).  Refer to pages 14 and 16 of the following link for sample source texts:  https://iew.com/sites/default/files/paperbasedcourse/fileattachment/FMF-S_Sample.pdf   

2) We will not complete the entire IEW book, but we will cover most units.    

3)  Homework is optional, but highly encouraged.  It simply isn’t possible to complete this course without writing at home.  Students will need some help completing homework, especially at the beginning of the year.  You can expect about an hour of homework each week.   

4) As for grading, I will keep individual records for each student.  I will not give number grades.  Instead, I will point out your child’s strengths and will provide gentle encouragement for areas that need improvement.    

5) In 2019-2020, we used All Things Fun & Fascinating as our theme book.  For 2020-2021, we will use Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales.   

6) All materials, including IEW book, will be provided.  Students will be responsible for bringing their materials to class each week.   



Teacher: Christin Matthews
Grade level: 3-5 grade
Class fee: $15
Maximum number of students: 18
Minimum number of students: 4

Class Description: To assist students in understanding everyday numbers through hands on activities, dissecting numbers to understand, with songs and keeping an organized exclusive notebook.

Textbook/workbook information: Each student will be provided with a 3 ring binder for exclusive use for this class.

Description of enrichment or homework activities: Please check 3 ring binder each week for any unfinished worksheets and discuss material found in binder, finishing worksheets is not required but encouraged.



Teacher: D. Boone

Class fee:  $10.00  

Class Supplies: Provided by the teacher

Maximum number of students: 12

Minimum number of students: 4

Course Description: This course will serve as an introduction to the world around us and will provide students with a basic foundation for future social studies classes.  Students will learn about continents, oceans, people, cultures, animals, climates, and foods.  Most learning activities and assignments will be completed during class time.  Occasionally, students may need to complete an activity at home.



MBM – Mind, Body, Motor – 1st – 2nd and 3rd – 5th

Teacher: TBD 

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: 1st – 2nd and 3rd - 5th

Class Fee: $5 each student 

Maximum number of students in the class: 20

Minimum number of students for the class to make: 

Objectives of this class: We will be using exercises to improve motor skills that were developed and have been proven to help children with their cognitive development. 

Description of the general class format: In this class, we will work on different areas of development. Such as – Brain Gym games and exercises, body awareness, and basic fine and gross motor skills. We will have competitions and work on developing a healthy competitive spirit. Class participation is absolutely required. 

Description of enrichment or homework activities: None 

Textbook/workbook information: None 

Other Important Information: Class participation is absolutely required. 


Teacher:  J. Hobbs 

Grades: 3-5 

Class Fee: $15 

Maximum number of students: 12 

Minimum number of students:

Class Description:  The goal of this class is to learn and review basic grammar, such as parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, etc.  Each class will follow the same format: editing exercises, new material, and review.  We will incorporate group games as much as possible, so that learning will take place in a fun and engaging way.   

Homework: will be assigned and will also follow the same format each week.  It will consist of reviewing flash cards and completing 5-10 minutes of simple review exercises, about three days a week.  While homework is optional, it is highly encouraged.  


In order to participate without feeling frustrated, students need to be reading fairly well (not perfectly).  For example, the following sentences from The Courage of Sarah Noble should be read easily: 


Now Sarah held her courage a little more firmly.  She also held tightly to her father’s hand.  And so they came, with Thomas, down the long hill into the place that would be their home. 


It is my hope that students enjoy their class time and learn to appreciate the role grammar plays in speaking and writing.   



Teacher: A. McDonald  

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: 3-5 Grades  

Class Fee: $10.00  

Maximum number of students in the class: 12  

Minimum number of students for the class to make: 4  

Class Description:  

Anatomy: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology is an elementary level Anatomy and Physiology book that gives glory to God as children discover all that goes on in their bodies from their heads to the nails on their toes! Beginning with a brief history of medicine and a peek into cells and DNA, your students will voyage through fourteen lessons covering many subjects. 

Astronomy: To introduce elementary-level students to the wonders of our solar system, the stars, and beyond. Our tour of the universe begins with our sun, the planets, the asteroid belt, dwarf planets, and the Kuiper belt. Then we set off across the stars to explore galaxies, nebulae, and even black holes as they reveal the marvel and might of our loving Creator.   

Description of the general class format: Students (or their parents) will read lesson material at home.  In class, we will discuss the reading assignment and do activities and experiments to further understanding of the reading material.  

Description of enrichment or homework activities: It is important for children to have read the textbook material when they come to class so they can participate in class discussion. There may be homework, it is not required nor graded. However, doing the reading and homework at home, will ensure time in class for discussions and the hands on projects. 

Textbook/workbook information:  Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie K. Fulbright and Exploring Creation with Astronomy 1st or 2nd edition by Jeannie K. Fulbright 

Other important information: A creationist world view is stressed throughout this text. Time and time again, God is glorified as the Master Creator of all that the students are studying. 



Teacher: TBD 

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: 3rd-5th grade 

Class Fee: $7.00 

Maximum number of students in the class: 12 

Minimum number of students for the class to make:

Class Description: Focus on correct pronunciation through conversation 

and building vocabulary. 

Description of the general class format: Some prior knowledge of Spanish would be very helpful in this class, but is not a requirement. Each class will include some conversation time followed by fun hands-on activities and games that teach 

new vocabulary. Each week, we will review previous vocabulary terms, then add new ones and practice them through conversation. The class will teach students to recognize common Spanish expressions, greetings and simple conversational 

words and how to respond appropriately in Spanish. There will be very little written work and an occasional craft project when it applies to that week's vocabulary. Spanish grammar will not be taught. 

Description of enrichment or homework activities: No written homework will 

be assigned. However, students are strongly encouraged to practice their vocabulary at home and quickly put it to memory so that they will be prepared for new vocabulary the following week.

Textbook/workbook information: TBD



Teacher: B. Helvey

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: 3-5 grades

Class Fee: $35 per semester

Maximum number of students in the class: 10

Minimum number: 4

**If you have taken Art for 2 years now, please do not sign up for the class. This class is on a 2-year rotation of 3rd – 5th to ensure everyone has a chance to take the Art classes.​

Objectives of this class: Our focus in Art class is learning to enjoy, appreciate and create art. We look at different styles, cultures and periods of art, as well as create our own.  Your child will learn to manipulate a variety of media with increasing sophistication as his/her fine motor skills develop throughout the year.

Students incorporate and express their ideas in Art using a basic “language” known as the Art Elements. These Elements include: Space, Shape, Texture, Line, Form, Value, and Color.

Description of the general class format: Art Exploration-Imagination (1) and Art Exploration- Inspiration (2), these classes will be part of a 2 year curriculum. One class need not be taken before the other. The class will be structured with 10 minutes of information/history about an artist followed by about 30 minutes of students’ hands on creativity.

Description of enrichment or homework activities: No written homework will be assigned. Most work will be done during class time. There may be occasions where students are asked to focus on an area of expertise to be ready for the next class. Mrs. Helvey will also encourage students to participate in local competitions/art shows if the opportunities arise. Students will create and choose at least one piece of their artwork to display at the end of the year, Awards Ceremony. 

Textbook/workbook information: Projects are taken from various text books, art websites, dvd art lesson tutorials.

Other Important Information: Students will be using different mediums as they explore the various techniques. It may be advisable to have a smock or t-shirt to protect clothing.



Teacher: Nafisa Morris 

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: All students in 3rd-5th grades 

Class Fee: $15 per semester 

Maximum number of students in the class: 10 

Minimum number of students for the class to make: 

Objectives of this class: Students will learn basic note values and the notes on the treble clef staff.  Students will also be taught how to read music from a page in a hymnal.  Students will be introduced to a variety of genres of music through singing, playing instruments, and listening.   

Description of the general class format: Each month will have a different theme or genre of music.  Students will sing and listen to music from this genre each class.  Students will also get to play a variety of instruments including drum pads, tambourines, glockenspiels, and rhythm sticks.   

Description of enrichment or homework activities: There will not be any activities required outside of class.   

Textbook/workbook information: Students will be provided with a notebook to use in class that will contain all material for class such as song sheets, practice worksheets, and listening maps.  Students will be able to bring these notebooks home at the conclusion of the year. 



Teacher: B. Thompson

Grades: 3-5

Class Fee: $15

Maximum numbers of students: 10

Minimum numbers of students: 4

Class Description: The 3-5th grade intro to cooking will be a fun class for kids to learn the basics.  We will be learning the importance of kitchen safety and hygiene, cooking lingo, healthy choices for food, how to read a label and recipe, manners for eating and how to set a table.  It will be a fun class to learn the essentials needed in the kitchen.


3rd – 5th STEM

Teacher: Becky Ivey

Grades: 3rd – 5th

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: Geared towards upper grades of 3rd-5th, mature, critical thinking, can do attitude, students.

Class Fee: $15

Maximum number of students in the class: 12

Minimum number of students in the class: 4

Objectives of this class: In STEM class we will focus on using science, technology, and creativity to solve real world problems.

Description of the general class format: Students will build in every class & learn how to safely use a variety of hand tools. Students will work as teams to brainstorm, design, build, troubleshoot, and present their solutions to the class.

Textbook/workbook information: not offered in this class

Description of enrichment or homework activities: In an effort to preserve our class time for building, there will be the occasional handout with background information for the kids to learn prior to class. It should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.

3rd – 5th GIRLS CLUB

Teacher: B. Thompson 

Suitable ages, abilities or skill level needed for this class: 3rd-5th grade 

Class Fee: $20.00 

Maximum number of students: 15 

Minimum number of students: 

Class Description:  To foster friendships and promote good sportsmanship among the girls with a chance for fellowship while having fun. We will split our time between crafts and games. We plan to have fun.  *Must inform teacher of any food allergies.


3rd – 5th BOYS CLUB

Teacher: J. Flanders 

Class Fee: $10.00 

Maximum number of students: 18 

Minimum number of students:

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: This class is for boys 3rd through 5th grade. Fee covers the cost for water cups and any small supplies. 

Objectives of this class: 

1. The goal will be for the boys to develop friendships. 

2. The boys will also learn good sportsmanship. 

Description of the general class format: 

Boys will have plenty of outdoor play, age appropriate life skills, age appropriate fitness, and occasional indoor games. 

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