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Our Goals

Through Cottage Garden, we seek to:      
  1. provide classes, activities, and teaching assistance for one another
  2. expose our children to the concept of authority outside of the home.
  3. enjoy close fellowship and support among children and parents,
  4. provide training for new co-ops.
  5. provide a system of academic accountability at the secondary school level.

Cottage Garden will seek to offer physical education, science, math, language, and elective courses for all school-age (kindergarten or older) children.  Preschool classes are designed to emphasize gross and fine motor learning.


The vast majority of classes are taught by returning, parent volunteers. Paid instructors are occasionally recruited, but simply provide an additional option regarding class selection.


Children receive instruction one day a week at Cottage Garden in a classroom setting.  Older children generally have homework assignments to complete during the rest of the week which are assigned at age-appropriate levels.


Cottage Garden meets one day a week (Mondays), following a calendar that has been approved by the membership. The calendar is generally set to allow for a field trip or school holiday every third or fourth Monday.  Older students continue to complete their assignments at home during these "off" weeks.


Parents stay on-sight for the entire school day, assisting in a variety of ways

Instruction Periods

Students register for at least three periods of classroom instruction. Please see section IX, "High School Policies," for attendance options of older high school students.

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