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New Member Openings


Thank you for your interest in Cottage Garden!  The most important thing you can do as an individual who is interested in Cottage Garden is to read the policy form located below. If you are in agreement with the policy form, we would like for you to then read the answers to these frequently asked questions. But the policy form is much more important, so please read it first.

Here are the FAQ:

1. Who can join Cottage Garden?
Cottage Garden accepts new members based on the number of additional adults needed for the co-op to operate in the coming school year. We are seeking people who love the Lord Jesus, who want to develop relationships with other Christians and serve them, and who want their children to grow up to serve the Lord.

2. Do you have to be a certified teacher to join Cottage Garden?
Not necessarily. We often do need individuals who are comfortable teaching, but we also need people who are willing to serve in other capacities as well. This could include being a teacher's assistant, a preschool helper, or someone who helps clean the building. There are many ways that you can help.

3. How often does Cottage Garden meet?
Cottage Garden meets for three out of every four Mondays in a given month. We operate according to a regular school calendar, beginning in mid-August but ending in late April. We have an extended break between semesters for the month of December, but the older students have assignments to complete on our "off" weeks and during the extended Christmas break.

4. Can my children attend Cottage Garden without me?
No, this would not work. Cottage Garden is a working co-op, with each family contributing to the success of the school. All families must have at least one parent on-site working during the school day every Monday.

5. How expensive is it?
Cottage Garden is very affordable. The registration fee is generally between $35-$50 per semester for the entire family. Teachers are volunteers and are not paid, so the cost of individual class fees is set to only cover the costs of materials the teacher must purchase. Occasionally, a paid instructor is available for a class that current members do not feel qualified to teach, but enrollment in these paid classes is always optional.

6. Can I bring children in addition to my own?
You may only bring your own children, or those for whom you are the legal guardian.

7. What is the extent of my commitment to Cottage Garden after I join?
In joining Cottage Garden, you are making a serious commitment to all of the families within the organization. You will hopefully receive some wonderful benefits by being a member, but you will also be relinquishing some of your personal freedoms, such as the freedom to drop out during the school year. As a member, you will be plugged into a key service position. It will be very difficult for the co-op to replace you after the year starts, so please carefully weigh the benefits and potential costs for your family in making this commitment for the school year . 

8. How can I register?
If you are still interested in Cottage Garden after reading the policy form, please allow us the opportunity to get to know you better by answering the questions below. Please make sure to push the "send" button after you have completed all required fields.  You will receive an confirmation email very shortly.  We deeply regret that we cannot bring every individual who wants to join Cottage Garden into the co-op, but space is unfortunately limited. Thank you very much.


Download our policy PDFPlease read and make sure you agree with our policy!


Please Fill our Membership Application

Currently, we are completely full, but will be accepting applications in January 2024

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