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2024 - 2025 High School Schedule

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Sample High School Course Plan:

While homeschoolers in Texas are not required to complete any specified course plan other than a bona fide visual study of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship, the Texas Education Agency’s, Recommended High School Program may give you starting point.

The TEA Recommended High School Program consists of 26 credits. The Core Recommended Course Sample is:

  • 4 credits of English/Language Arts, including English 1 and English 2

  • 3 credits of Mathematics, including Algebra I and Geometry

  • 3 credits of Science, including Biology

  • 3 credits of Social Studies, including World History, U.S. History (1877 to present), ½ credit Government, ½ credit Economics

  • 1 credit of Physical Education

  • 1 credit of Fine Arts

  • 5 ½ credits of Electives

  • 2 credits of Foreign Language Studies

​CG High School Course Plan:

At CG we plan to offer an opportunity to take all of the Core Recommended Courses listed above.​Classes will be subject to teacher availability and interest level.

Yearly Classes:
Some classes, like English, Math, Science and History are offered every year regardless of class size.

Writing Classes - (Multiple Writing classes and Literary Analysis)

Math Classes - (Algebra I, Geometry, & Algebra II)

Science Classes - (Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology)

Spanish - (1 and 2)

Rotational Classes:
The following classes are in a rotation plan for every other year

Math: Personal Finance, a Consumer Math class

Science: Physics

Social Studies: World History, Government/Economics (rotates with US History) 

Worldview (rotates with Apologetics)

TEA Graduation Programs



Persuasive Essay Writing - LTW

Teacher: Shannon Singler
Grade: 9th/10th
Class Fee: $5
Minimum number of students: 4
Maximum number of students: 12
Lost Tools of Writing (LTW) teaches students to write persuasive essays. In addition to writing an essay, LTW teaches students to examine both sides of an issue, to decide on a thesis statement, and to use proofs and sub-proofs to support their thesis. LTW is also a thinking program in that students will learn to organize their thoughts in a sensible way.  LTW teaches a half dozen schemes and tropes as well as numerous skills and techniques for coming up with ideas. LTW is designed for students who already have a relatively solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure, and who have at least a rudimentary amount of writing experience. Most importantly, LTW is for students who are ready to think for themselves. 
Required Materials: Lost Tools of Writing Level I, Student Workbook
Parents and students will receive a list of literature before class begins, some of which will need to be purchased or borrowed.


English I - Creative Writing

Teacher: Mandi Mischnick
Suitable ages: 9th grade or higher
Prerequisite: None
Fees: No fee, but a TBA reading book will need to be purchased before the start of the year. 
Course Description: This class is geared toward students who are interested in writing and already have experience writing essays/papers. Students will be tasked with a wide variety of creative writing assignments both in class and at home. They will also learn how to write some different types of essays. Students will be encouraged to use their own interests to come up with writing topics and let the creative juices flow in their writing. We will plan to read one book together as a class to use for different writing prompt exercises. The book title will be sent to all enrolled students before the start of the year. Students will be given homework assignments to be completed each week via Google Classroom. If the student does not have good internet service, we will make arrangements.
Supplies: Sheets of lined paper, pencils, folder or binder for class handouts
Class format: Various in-class writing activities, discussion of essay forms and topics, homework assignments and discussions, reading students’ work aloud, brainstorming, grammar help, etc. 
Homework: Since this is a writing-intensive class, there will be writing assignments almost every week. The length of assignments will differ depending on what topic we will be covering (from a simple paragraph to an essay). Homework will also include correcting mistakes on previous assignments. Please expect to carve out at least an hour or two weekly to spend on these assignments. If a student/parent is not prepared or able to allow for this type of time commitment for the whole year, this class is probably not a good choice. 


English II - Creative Writing

Teacher: Katie Raney
Suitable ages: 10th and 11th Grades
Prerequisite: CG English I
Class fee: $5.00/semester
Objectives of this class:
1. To enhance a love of language and communication
2. To increase vocabulary and the understanding and use of correct grammar
3. To become an effective communicator
4. To improve creative and critical writing skills
5. To love writing!!
Description of the general class format:
Students will read short poetry, fiction, and non-fiction passages in order to see various Creative writing styles.
Students will learn to write different types of creative writings such as: free, journal,
descriptive, persuasive, and fiction.
Students will also learn various literary devices authors utilize to add interest and purpose to their writing.
The students will also work together to
brainstorm and edit papers. 
Students will be expected to take notes.
Description of homework activities:
1. There will be writing assignments each week.
2. Expect at least 2-3 hours of homework for this class every week.
3. Students will need to be organized and prepared to turn in homework.
Textbook/workbook information:
Writing: Writing instructions, notes, writing tips, and assignments will be printed and handed out each week. Journaling will be done to practice and improve learned writing skills.
Other important information: Students are expected to complete homework assignments as assigned. *Failure to complete assignments may result in the reassignment of the student to study hall.  **A grade report will be kept on Google Classroom
Students will need the following supplies:
-loose notebook paper
-colored pencils
-1-inch binder
-(5) tabbed dividers
-access to computer and Word or Docs

English III - College Prep

Teacher: Katie Raney
Class Minimum: 2
Class Fee: $10 print/copy/book fee (per semester)
Prerequisite:  CG English 2 or the equivalent thereof.
Course Description: English 3 college prep is a course designed for students to study, practice, and improve their writing skills, as well as, hone their critical observation and literary analysis skills with the direct goal of preparing for college-level Composition I and II.
The course is a study of and practice in writing processes, from invention and researching to drafting, revising, and editing. Students will write a variety of essay genres including rhetorical analysis, poetry and literary analysis, persuasive, synthesis, creative writing assignments, and research papers. 
The emphasis of composition is on critical observation and thinking, proper understanding and application of literary devices, correct grammar usage, required MLA formatting and documentation, good logic, smooth transition, solid and effective examples and details, and effective rhetorical choices, including audience, purpose, arrangement, and style.
Additionally, students will read, study, and respond in formal essays to classic works including novels, plays, poetry, speeches, and short stories. 
Classroom time will involve analyzing literature together in class in order to think critically and rhetorically about literature and learn how to apply those principles to their own writing. 
Homework involves annotating texts, creating outlines, and creating and editing weekly writing assignments (both formal and creative).
Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will: demonstrate knowledge of writing processes, develop and outline ideas with appropriate support and attribution, write in a style appropriate to the audience and purpose, and read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts, styles, themes, and characters
Course Expectations: Come to class each week with the book that we are reading, take notes, and be an active participant during class discussions, have all of your materials and assigned work printed and ready at the beginning of class, and be kind to all.
Course Grading System: Tests and major essays will count as 40% of your total grade, while daily assignments, homework, quizzes, etc. will count as 60% of your total grade. 
Course Reading Materials: 
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (provided as part of the fee to maintain same editions) 
Selected poetry, speeches, letters, and short stories (provided)
Required Supplies and Accesses:
Access to computer with MS Word, internet for research, and email 
Access to the 8th edition MLA handbook is recommended
3 Ring binder, dividers, and folder provided for by teacher through class fee


High School Lit Analysis

Teacher: Sloane Simon
Fee: $5
In this course, students will embark on an exciting journey through the world of literature analysis, exploring diverse genres, themes, and literary techniques. Through close reading, critical thinking, and thoughtful discussion, students will deepen their understanding and appreciation of literature while honing their analytical skills. Additionally, students will explore the historical and cultural contexts in which these works were written, gaining insights into the societal issues and values reflected in these novels, short stories, and poems.

Classroom discussions will foster a collaborative learning environment where students can exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and deepen their understanding through dialogue with their peers.
Student workload and grades will include reading, short in class critical thinking writing assignments, working through the Hierarchy of Questions regarding the texts, and participation in class discussions.
Booklist for 2024/2025:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Short stories and poetry will be included to compliment the novels throughout the year and will be provided by the instructor.



Teacher: Mellissa Jones
Class fee for fall: $15
Max class size:  15
Class description: This college-preparatory, laboratory-based biology course offers students a rigorous introduction to the general study of biology. It begins with a discussion of the general characteristics of living things, the way the living world is organized, the way we scientifically study organisms, how we classify them, how energy flows throughout creation, and the way natural selection works. 
Supplies: colored pencils; any other supplies will be obtained by teacher and covered by class fee
Curriculum:  Berean Builders

Living Books-Biology

Teacher: Rappazzo
Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: 
HS Biology credit
Prerequisite: None
Class Fee:  $40 
Minimum to Maximum number of students: 3-12
Objectives of this Class: Learn more about the world we live in and more about God through the study of His creation. This includes topics such as cells, ecosystems, and plant and animal kingdoms. General Class Format: Class time will include experiments (including microscopes and dissections), discussions, videos, and other activities.Description of enrichment/homework activities: Students will be expected to read the online textbook and complete the assigned workbook pages each week. Additional essays, readings, and activities may also be assigned. Grading: Workbook assignments and other weekly assignments, class participation, quizzesTextbook/workbook information: We will be using the online textbook, workbook, experiments, and basic outline from Guest Hollow line-schedule/ The online textbook includes free access to books by Ken Ham (The New Answers Books vol. 1 & 2), Evolution Exposed by Roger Patterson, and other books.


Anatomy and Physiology

Teacher: April McDonald
Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class:
This is an advanced biology course. It is intended for junior and senior-level students.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of biology. First-year chemistry is strongly recommended, but not required to take this class. 
Apologia does recommend taking chemistry first.
Class Fee: $45 Fall and $35 in Spring
Minimum to Maximum number of students: 3-10
Objectives of this class: This advanced biology course covers the anatomy and physiology of the human body's eleven organ systems in detail. We will learn the structure and function of the human body from the cellular to the organ system level.
Description of the general class format: Most of the class time will be in lecture format. We will also use the microscope frequently and perform three dissections during the year. 
Description of enrichment or homework activities: Daily Work -50 % of the grade will include: Reading assignments, answering questions from the text, and completing a study guide for each module. Daily work must be checked by the parent or student prior to taking the test. Grades given will be for completion only. Writing lab reports as assigned. These will be graded by the teacher.Tests -50 % of students' grades will come from chapter tests. These tests will be taken at home and returned to the teacher to be graded.
Estimated homework time: Will vary according to student, but approximately one hour per day. A large portion of this course includes memorization. More time may be required for some students. 
Textbook/Workbook information:
Advanced Biology: TheHuman Body 2nd Edition by Marilyn M. Shannon & Rachael L. Yunis
Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition Solutions and Test Manual
Advanced Biology: The Human Body 2nd Edition Student Notebook (new)


Teacher: - Jennifer Poorman
Cost: $10/Semester 
Class maximum: 6; Class minimum: 2
Prerequisites: Algebra 1
Description: (From the Publisher)
Discovering Design with Chemistry by Dr. Jay Wile offers an independent-study, college-preparatory course covering fundamental aspects of chemistry such as the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical change, chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. Weaving together concepts and their mathematical applications, the course teaches students how to think as a chemist so they can analyze the major changes that occur in matter.  Dr. Wile employs the "atoms first" approach to his chemistry presentation in this text, which is different from Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2nd Ed. (also authored by Dr. Wile). This approach presents foundational information about atoms and molecules, and then builds upon that information for a logical sequential presentation of topics. 

There are 16 chapters and each includes reading and experiments. Within each chapter are statements and equations printed in pink boxes and definitions centered in the text; these need to be memorized by the student. Comprehension Check questions are found within the reading. These are offered periodically to see if the reader understands the information that was just presented; solutions are found near the end of each chapter. A chapter review rounds out the chapter information. This section reviews all of the information found in that chapter. All of this is presented from a creation perspective and gives credit to our Creator.

In co-op class we will be conducting some of the experiments, I may review the chapter as time allows, and I will attempt to answer any questions the students have pertaining to the material. As my schedule allows, I may also be available for questions/to help outside of co-op. I will not assign daily reading, I simply assign when the chapters need to be read by, when the tests are due, and what experiments they need to come prepared to do. This is high school and your student needs to learn how to manage their time to be able to get the grade they want. I will collect comprehension checks and chapter reviews but only check to see that they are done, I do not grade them. The tests will be handed out by me in an envelope and are to be proctored by you and returned to me in the envelope. I will grade the tests. 

Your student will need the textbook and answer key/test booklet. Parents, please keep up with the answer key/test booklet as this does have copies of the test and test answers in it. No worries, I will grade the tests for you.




Teacher: Melissa Flens

Cost: $10/semester

Class maximum: 6; Class minimum: 2

Prerequisites: Algebra I, Geometry, understand sine, cosine, tangent

Description: (From the Publisher)

Discovering Design with Physics

This laboratory-based high school physics course is the first physics course a college-bound student should take. It gives the student an introduction to the basics, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation, work, energy, and power, waves, sound, and light, electrical potential, electric fields, circuits, resistance, and current, magnetism, and magnetic fields.

The course consists of 180 hours of instruction, 35 of which involve hands-on experiments using household or easy-to-obtain items (no purchased kit required). The experiments include measuring the acceleration due to gravity, making a one-dimensional Newton’s Cradle, making simple circuits, and making an electromagnet.

Let your student dive into a solid introductory physics course presented by a university professor in a conversational tone offering plenty of practical applications and experiments to perform right at home.

In our weekly class meeting, we will conduct experiments and review the concepts presented in the chapter through experimentation and discussion.  I will also be available to answer student questions and provide feedback on any issues encountered while doing comprehension checks and chapter review exercises at home.  Test will be completed and home and I will grade them.  The students will need the textbook and answer key/test booklet for this course.

Algebra 1: Math-U-See

Teacher: Jennifer Flanders
Grade: High School (9th grade typically)
Cost: $10 per semester class fee
Min-Max: 2-8 students
Prerequisite for this class: successful completion of a Pre-Algebra course
Class Description: In this mastery-based math program, your student will focus on mastery of a single skill, and then move on to learn new concepts, laying a foundation for ever-increasing levels of proficiency. In Math-U-See Algebra I, your student will study concepts such as: variables, signed numbers, solving inequalities, solving word problems, addition, operations with polynomials, binomial factors, radical expressions, irrational numbers, graphing lines and inequalities, graphical solutions, and much more.
Required Materials: Math-U-See Algebra I Student Packet  (Legacy Edition) Each student packet consists of daily practice problems to help students master the concept covered in class that week, plus an exam booklet to test their understanding.  The course instructor will grade the tests. To facilitate with homework grading and review, parents will be required to check homework weekly and circle any problems that do not match the answer key. 
Homework: 1 problem set a day, five days a week, each containing 5-20 problems, plus a weekly test with 10-15 problems. If your student is strong in math, coursework should take no more than 3-4 hours a week, if that. If your student struggles in math, the coursework may take considerably longer. 

Algebra 2: Math-U-See

Teacher: Jennifer Flanders
Grade: High School (10th grade typically)
Cost: $10 per semester class fee
Min-Max number of students: 2-8
Prerequisite for this class: successful completion of an Algebra 1 course
Class Description: In this mastery-based math program, your student will focus on mastery of a single skill, and then move on to learn new concepts, laying a foundation for ever-increasing levels of proficiency. In Math-U-See Algebra 2, your student will study concepts such as: variables, signed numbers, solving inequalities, solving word problems, addition, operations with polynomials, binomial factors, radical expressions, irrational numbers, graphing lines and inequalities, graphical solutions, and much more.
Required Materials: Math-U-See Algebra 2 Student Set, Each student packet consists of daily practice problems to help students master the concept covered in class that week, plus an exam booklet to test their understanding.  The course instructor will grade the tests. To facilitate with homework grading and review, parents will be required to check homework weekly and circle any problems that do not match the answer key.
Homework: 1 problem set a day, five days a week, each containing 5-20 problems, plus a weekly test with 10-15 problems. If your student is strong in math, coursework should take no more than 3-4 hours a week, if that. If your student struggles in math, the coursework may take considerably longer. If your student struggles, you may consider buying a course textbook and/or video lessons in addition to the student packet for reviewing concepts at home.

World History–Notgrass 

Teacher: TBD*
Fee: $10
Min Students: 2
Max students:12
*** Description may change slightly with teacher assignment
Class Description: From Creation to the 21st Century, Exploring World History Presents ancient, medieval, and modern history from the perspective of faith in God and respect for His Word. It offers a thorough survey of Western civilization with significant coverage of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The hardcover books feature hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Completing the full course provides your child with a year's high school credit in World History, English, and Bible. However, at Cottage Garden, we are only doing the World History study. The English and Bible can be done at home, on your own time. The history credit involves reading the lessons and the original documents (and answering the questions in the National Student Review If desired).

The Curriculum Package includes: Part 1: Creation Through the Middle Ages(first semester )Part2: The Renaissance to the Present(second semester)In Their Words: Original Documents, Speeches, Poems, and Stories from WorldHistory(assigned readings
Required Materials: Three textbook resources are required.Exploring World History Curriculum Package–Notgrass History
*Once a teacher has been found for this class, and lesson plans created, CG will give more details of further materials needed for class i.e.: binder, dividers, Exploring World History Student Review Packet, etc.



Teacher: Kim Kimberling
Class Size: 2-8 (min/max)
Grade: Typically 9th grade
Curriculum: Math-U-See
Class fee: $10 per semester per student
Required Materials: Math-U-See Geometry Student Pack & Math-U-See GeometryTextbook
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1 course
Objective: To equip each student with the ability to understand geometric concepts, successfully
solve geometry problems, and to establish a self-image of being capable and prepared for higher
level math.
Class Description: Math-U-See Geometry has three main areas of emphasis. They are the vocabulary of geometry, practical applications of geometry, and traditional geometry, including proofs. Topics include lines, angles, area, perimeter, volume, the Pythagorean theorem, axioms and
postulates, congruency, and similarity. An introduction to trigonometric functions is included to prepare students for testing they may do before taking a trigonometry course.
Class Format: Concepts will be introduced to the students via classroom instruction each week, and homework assignments as well as weekly tests will be completed at home each day. Classroom time will also include practice of the introduced concepts and administration of the 3 Unit Tests. The coursework should require 4-5 hours of work per week outside of class time but may vary
depending upon your student.


The Real World Game of Life - Financial Math Course

Teacher: Lana Wilson
Class Size: 5-Unlimited
Age: High School
The student should know multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. The basic use of a
calculator is very helpful.
Class Fee: $15 but no book is required
Class Description: This is a "things I need to know before going out in the real world" class.
It is a math class. Although fun, research, homework, and thinking will be required. It will give a
brief overview of many concepts a person needs when venturing out independently.
We will also be having guest speakers. The students will also have to interview and research
different people outside of class and make simple reports. They will also learn how to fill out legal
Each student will be making a budget based on the pseudo-career choice assigned to them.. They
will use that as a basis for their entire course. They will choose if they rent or buy a house and
College or Vocational school. If they choose to change jobs or location - they will be hit with
penalties such as moving factors and possible loss of investments plus pay moving fees. Plus, as in
real life, curve balls will be thrown their way from time to time. They will learn to stay on budget
and how to live within their means.
They will also have a chance to earn a free 100 added to their overall average by finding bonus
terms each week.
Concepts we will hit: Budgets, balancing a checkbook, insurance: auto, renters, house, life, health, buying a house vs renting, emergency fund, taxes, childcare, sickness, resumes, spreadsheets, legal forms, credit
scores, credit cards, value vs cost, and other practical topics.
Required: a Gmail made specifically for the student to access Gmail and Google Drive (we will be using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Classroom.) Pencils/Pens/Paper/calculator/computer access


Government (Fall)

Teacher: Leslie Moore

Suitable ages and requirements for this class: 11th-12th grade

Class Fee: $10

Class Description:

Lessons cover federal, state, local government, and contemporary issues in government. Emphasis is placed on the Biblical basis for government and on the U.S. Constitution. Each of the 15 units is intended to be studied for one week. Students explore the government of the United States from its beginning to the present. Students will learn the operations of federal, state, and local government, and about issues facing our nation today. Students will become better equipped to understand, pray for, and be involved in our country's government. We will follow the election (candidates, stance/views, process, outcome, etc.) through discussion as well as print and video media. Students will gain a broad understanding of how elections impact families, values, laws, enterprise, economy, and the foreign policy of our nation. Students will be empowered to become informed voters as they come of age, and inspired to become involved and/or serve in our Republic in the future.

Textbook/workbook information:   Notgrass Exploring Government Textbook (2023 Edition)

The Curriculum Package includes:
•    Exploring Government (lesson and assignment book) 
•    We Hold These Truths (a collection of supplemental primary sources and essays)
You will also need the Notgrass Exploring Government Student Review Pack 

Economics (Spring)

Teacher: Leslie Moore
Suitable ages and requirements for this class: 11th-12th grade
Credits: This ½ credit course will be taught the Spring semester of the year.
Class Fee: $10
Min to Max number of students in the class: 2 - 10 Description of homework activities:
1. Read assigned text and answer assigned questions in preparation for class discussion. There are five weekly lessons with 10 questions (in student review) for each lesson, but only 5 questions will be assigned per lesson (please follow the syllabus to know which questions are assigned). Approximate time required is up to 1 hour/day.
2. Students are expected to complete & turn in assigned quizzes. These are completed at home, signed by the parent, and then turned in each week. Notes can be used, but please do not use your book.
3. Students are expected to complete and present 3 projects throughout the course to the class. 
These projects are outlined in the syllabus.
4. Three tests will be given in class.
Textbook/workbook information:
Exploring Economics - must be the 2016 version (cost $45 new) by Ray Notgrass and Student Review Pack - must be for 2016 version (cost $12 new).
***The Exploring Economics Curriculum Package ($60) includes two books:
*Exploring Economics, with 75 lessons divided into fifteen units of five lessons each.
*Making Choices, a collection of original source documents. Making Choices is not a required book for this course. This text might be discussed in class, but no questions will be assigned from it.
***Student Review pack includes Student Review, a consumable Quiz and Exam Book; and the Answer Key.



Teacher: Jason Moore
Fee: $15
Overview: In this course, we will delve into 'the name, the nature, the person, the work, and the doings' of our magnificent God. Through an introductory exploration of logic and historical context, we will continue exploring various apologetic subjects including the existence of God, the nature of the universe, moral principles, and the existence of suffering, among others. Our aim is to cultivate conversational skills to engage both believers and non-believers in discussions about our 'Reasonable Faith'. We will equip ourselves with defenses against historical and contemporary critiques, fostering confidence in articulating our Christian beliefs. Weekly reading assignments, drawn primarily from the main text, supplemented with poetry, logic readings, and curated YouTube videos, will be essential for our intellectual growth. The primary goal is to empower each individual with the highest level of preparedness to confidently articulate their Christian faith that they are uniquely capable of. ( miss spelling or improper punctuation will never reduce a grade! It truly is the thought that counts. )
The first-day assignment: Each attendee is required to submit a self-generated personal testimony on the first day of class. This submission is for the instructor's reference only and will not be shared publicly.
Required Texts: Our main texts will be "On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision" by William Lane Craig and its corresponding study guide. These resources, available from Amazon and Biola, are about $24. Participants are encouraged to acquire the non-"for students" edition of the book.
Outcome: By the end of the course, attendees will be equipped to confidently present the gospel to individuals from all walks of life - whether a stranger, a child, or an academic. They will emerge with a robust understanding of apologetics and the ability to declare with conviction that they possess a most Reasonable Faith. or search Amazon for " On Guard by William Lane Craig" 

Spanish 2

Suitable ages:This is a high school level course but a JH student who has completed the JH Spanish class could be considered.
Class Fee:$10/semester
Textbook/workbook information: Each student must have access to “Spanish I for Christian Schools”2nd edition Student Text by BJU press. The other materials offered by BJU are NOT needed. Minimum: General description of the class: Spanish 2 introduces students to conjugating verbs in Spanish. Students will learn how to ask and answer questions in Spanish, give and follow directions,purchase items, and make small talk. The textbook is rich with activities to help students gain confidence with the Spanish language.


HS Sign Language 2

Teacher: ​Meg Wingard

Class Fee: $10 
Suitable Ages/skill level: high school students - prerequisite HS Sign Language 1 or equivalent
Class Size: Min. 2 students Max. 12 students
Objective: ASL 2 is a continuation of ASL 1.  This course is designed to continue the development of American Sign Language expressive and receptive skills, grammar, vocabulary, cultural awareness, and related terminology.
Class Description: This class will focus on cementing sign language vocabulary previously learned and using it in everyday conversation. New vocabulary will be presented as well as how to use facial grammar and body language.  Two-person conversations will be used throughout the semester.  There will be assignments to practice for in-class presentations, short research papers, and tests every other month.
Textbook: Continued use of the DJSC! Student Guides $67 (if not purchased last year)
Internet access is also needed to practice lessons and take weekly quizzes at home. Optional: Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language by Ed. Valli, Clayton (Author)
Homework expectations: Students must practice signing at home to be successful. Students will also write translations and write short research papers pertaining to Deaf culture and history. Students will also have practice quizzes to do at home before coming to class for part of the class.



Teacher: Dr. Clay Cannon

Class Fee:  $5

​The purpose of this class is to introduce students to different methods of studying the bible. Bible study is an important part of a growing Christian’s life and there are many different ways to approach it. This semester will cover four basic bible study methods and a method for having a personal quiet time / devotional as well. It is my hope that each student will view this class, not so much as another academic exercise, but more as an opportunity to know Christ better and enjoy time with Him in a deeper and more meaningful way. Ultimately, He is the Teacher and we are all His students.

Goals - By the end of this semester, each student will have an understanding of, and experience in, the following:

1. A personal quiet time

2. Verse Analysis Study

3. Question and Answer Study

4. Topical Bible Study

5. Chapter Study

6. Book Study

 Materials - ​Bible, pen, folder or notebook for handouts given in class, spiral notebook (for quiet times)


Senior Projects

Teacher: Karen Graves
Class fee:  $30 (Graduation fee TBD)
This class is for graduating seniors.  Let's foster a sense of camaraderie and work together to make this a memorable year!  We will plan the graduation, work on memory boards, senior pictures, slideshows, and all the things to prepare for May 2025.  We will also discuss and decide on activities, service projects, fundraisers, and a senior trip.
There will be various projects for which students must provide their own supplies to make them personal. I am counting on the students to creatively work together to plan the year, and we can work toward making those ideas happen. 



Advanced Cake Decorating

Teacher: April McDonald
Prerequisite:high school level class will be for students that have taken a previous CG cake decorating class and are serious about cake decorating.
Class fee: $35.00
Max number:10 students
Description of enrichment or homework activities:
Homework would be the students will need to bring baked goods and icing to cover the cake of some kind (which the teacher will discuss with them beforehand) for classes to decorate them with what we have learned.
Course description:We will be working on advanced cake decorating techniques which will build upon what they have learned in the previous class.We will learn to make fondant/gumpaste flowers that look realistic.How to make/store/use royal icing forcakes/cookies/flowers.We will also discuss/learn the trending techniques that are popular today with the thought that if they are asked to make a cake they are well prepared.
Supplies:All supplies will be included in the class fee (with the exception of the what the student will make at home to bring to class to decorate)

From Seed to Vase

Teacher: Jessica Helgesen
Grade: HS
Class Fee: $40
Minimum number of students: 3
Maximum number of students: 15
From Seed to Vase, a hands on study of growing, cultivating and arranging flowers. Come learn about one of God’s most beautiful and diverse creations, flowers, and the lessons we can learn about His character when we step into the role of gardener. 

* Seed starting methods (soil blocking, trays, plugs)
* Growing and transplanting (know your zone, how to read a seed packet, how to successfully transplant into your garden)
* Cultivation (caring for your garden in all seasons)
* Harvesting blooms (when to cut and how)
* Floral arranging (centerpiece, hand-tied bouquet)
* Dried floral arranging
* End of the year field trip to garden for cutting and arranging fun

Supplies needed from home:  

* Observation notebook
* Garden shears
* Pencil & colored pencils

Debate Club

Teacher: Mandi Mischnick
Suitable ages: 9th grade or higher
Prerequisite: None
Fees: No fee, but a TBA textbook will need to be purchased before the start of the year. 
Course Description: Students will learn to research debate topics, analyze data, and build persuasive arguments using solid logic. Public speaking is an important part of debating, so we will also practice oral communication skills. Students will learn about different types of debating. They will also practice these different formats, focusing mainly on one-on-one debating.  
Objectives: For students to become more comfortable speaking in front of others, to build confidence in presenting ideas, to understand different perspectives, to learn how to debate/argue logically and respectfully, to learn how to research topics, and to have fun debating and interacting with their peers!
Supplies: Sheets of lined paper, pencils, folder or binder for class handouts, debate textbook 
Class format: There will be various activities during class time including watching debates, learning how to research topics, using the textbook, speech practice, skills practice through games, and mock debates.

Required text: Each student will need a copy of “The Teen's Guide to Debating and Public Speaking” by Claire Duffy.
Homework: Time requirement for homework will vary from week to week, depending on whether the student is preparing for an upcoming debate. In this case, researching a topic and building an argument may take a couple of hours. Other weeks will be substantially less time if they only have a reading assignment from their textbook or other various activities I may assign. Please note that there will be reading and writing involved in this class: Students will need to prepare for their debates by doing online research, taking notes, and writing down their ideas and arguments. 



Teacher: Alyssa Waite
Cost: $10
This course focuses on the fundamentals of photography including the history of photography, different types of photography, camera work: aperture, shutter speed, focusing, lighting and composition. Students will also work throughout the year on collecting images for the yearbook and helping to make design decisions. Having a DSLR will provide the most benefit to the student, however a digital camera and/ or an iPhone/ iPad that is a 12 or newer will also be acceptable. Students must also have access to Google Classroom to turn in their assignments.

Ballroom/Line Dancing

Teacher: Alyssa Waite
Fee: Free
This class will teach the basic steps, etiquette and techniques to multiple ballroom dance and line dance styles.

High School Boys Sports

Teacher: William O’Connel
Class Fee $10/semester

Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: High School boyClass Fee:$5 per semester  

Maximum Number of Students:20

Minimum Number of Students:4

Description: The class will learn sports such as football, kickball, Dodgeball, baseball, etc. Students don't need to be proficient in any sport.
Goal: teach boys team building, team camaraderie, rules of sports and provide a way of getting exercise.  



JH/HS Shared Classes



Earth Science

Teacher: Shazia Lackey
Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class:: 8th/9th grade
Cost: $25 per student per semester
Maximum number of Students:  10          
Skills Needed: This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology.  It is recommended for 8th or 9th grade students who have completed General Science and Pre-Algebra.  Students should display a maturity level appropriate for high school-level work and be able to keep up with the workload. 
Class Description: This physical science course explores the design and complexity of the Earth, leading students to discover truths about its design and the One who designed it. We will begin with the basic concepts necessary to study Earth Science, including a brief look at chemistry, the metric system, temperature, volume, density, and concentration. Once students understand this foundational information, they will thoroughly learn about the geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. This course dives deep into these topics. 
Class Format: Class time is devoted to reviewing key concepts, and discussing, performing, and recording experiments.
Homework: Students are provided a syllabus that includes the required at home reading and what assignments are due and when at CG. Assignments for each module include Comprehension Questions, Lab Reports, Chapter Reviews, and Tests.  Pop quizzes and projects may also be incorporated into the class.  We cover each chapter over 2 weeks.  The required time is approximately 1 hour per day at home. Tests will be administered at home by the parent and turned in at CG for grading. 
Required Textbooks:  Discovering Design with Earth Science Set from (They will need both the textbook and test booklet)
Discovering Design with Earth Science Set – Berean Builders
Additional Supplies:  safety glasses/goggles, scientific calculator, 1” binder, a package of 5 dividers (A folder to turn in homework will be provided)
***Note: There is an audiobook version of the textbook available. There are also recorded classes for each chapter on the Berean Builders website that are available as an extra resource if you feel your child may need more help with the mater

Biblical Literacy I

Teacher: Ashley Burnett

Suitable ages, abilities or skill level needed: 6th-12th graders

 Class Fee: $10 

 Maximum number of students: 12

 Minimum number of students: 3

 Class Objectives: Students will gain an understanding of the full scope of scripture.  This will help build a more complete knowledge base for future study.

 Homework: Expect 1hour/week of homework

Textbook: Students should plan to bring Bibles to class, homework folders will be provided. The book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible will be used as a framework for the class but is not required for purchase.


Knitting for All Skill Levels

Teacher: Tracy Coffey
Suitable ages/skill: Junior High and High School
Prerequisite: None
Class fee: $35.00 (includes knitting needles, yarn, & notions)
Maximum number of students: 10
Minimum number of students: 2
Objectives of this class:
1. To learn to knit
2. To learn to read patterns and know abbreviations
3. To make several small projects
4. To practice and learn from mistakes….and not give up!
5. To have fun!!!
6. If this is year 2 for my class, we will focus on more advanced projects and patterns. (don’t worry, you can do it!)
Description of the general class format: Students will learn to knit and practice their new skills in class and at home. They
will need to bring supplies to class each week. They will work at their own pace on
different projects.
Description of homework activities:
1. Students will need to practice at home.
2. Practice. Practice. Practice. 
Other important information:
Come ready to learn and have fun!
Students will need the following supplies: None

JH/HS Sewing (Beginners)

Teacher: Lacey Lowry
Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: Junior High/High School, need a willingness to listen and learn.
Class Fees: $40/semester
Minimum number of students: 1
Maximum number of students: 10 (More can be approved by teacher.)
Class Descriptions: Students will learn how to better operate their sewing machine comfortably, reading instructions, learn about different fabrics, apply Math to projects, Fun, etc.
Description of homework activities:  There will be times they need to sew at home.
Example Projects: bookmark, headband/scrunches, pillowcase, hot pads, holiday-themed sewing.  The level we achieve is based from each class's participation.
Required Supplies: Sewing machine, scissors, white thread (cotton preferred), pin cushion, straight pins, hand sewing needles (size 10 or close to that size), bobbins to fit their machine, container for their machine if they like (NOT mandatory), and small container equivalent to what would hold 12x12 scrapbook paper projects.
Materials covered by class fees: Cutting mats, rotary tools, sewing rulers, fabrics, irons, copies of patterns/instructions, and much more.

JH/HS Sewing (Advanced)

Teacher: Lacey Lowry
Suitable ages, abilities, or skill level needed for this class: Junior High/High School, and they have completed the Beginner Sewing Class
Class Fees: $40
Minimum number of students: 2
Maximum number of students: 10 (More can be approved by the teacher.)
Class Descriptions: Students will be doing more intricate work and projects now they have learned how to sew.  They will be doing their own cutting and all as time allows.
Description of homework activities: Homework will be given from time to time if they are behind on a project.
Example Projects: apron, bag, hot pad, throw pillow, travel pillow, maybe a table runner, zipper bags, possibly a class project, etc.
Required Supplies: Sewing machine, scissors, white thread (cotton), pin cushion, straight pins, hand sewing needles (size 10 or close to that size), bobbins, large container for machine if they like (NOT mandatory), small container for their project similar to a 12"x12" container for scrapbook paper projects.  They should have ALL of this from Beginner Sewing.
Materials covered by class fees: Cutting mats, rotary tools, sewing rulers, fabrics, irons, copies of patterns/instructions, and much more.

Class Descriptions: Students will be doing more intricate work and projects now they have learned how to sew.  They will be doing their own cutting and all.
Description of homework activities: Homework will be given from time to time if they are behind on a project.
Example Projects: apron, bag, hot pad, throw pillow, travel pillow, maybe a table runner, possibly a class project, etc.
Required Supplies: Sewing machine, scissors, white thread, pin cushion, straight pins, bobbin, a large container for the machine, and a small container for their project similar to a 12"x12" container for scrapbook ingredients paper projects.  They should have ALL of this from Beginner Sewing.
Materials covered by class fees: Cutting mats, rotary tools, sewing rulers, fabrics, irons, and much more.


JH/HS Studio Art 1

Teacher – Kara Brown
(3-year rotation-current school year 2024/25) Students do not have to have previous Studio Art credits to enlist
in this class.
Class fees: $35 
Minimum students: 3
Maximum students: 15
Description of the general class format: This will be a course that will follow a three-year curriculum; Studio 1, Studio 2, and Studio 3. There is no prerequisite to enter the course, only listed in consecutive order so that a student does not repeat a class in the following years at Cottage Garden. The class will be structured with 10 minutes of information/history about either an artist or artistic method followed by about 30 minutes of student exploration in the artistic technique, with the final few minutes used for cleaning up and sharing. The emphasis of the class is exploration. There will be some consecutive weeks that we work on the same technique and project. Students will explore a variety of artists, art processes, and materials such as painting, drawing, chalk, mosaics, collage, & printing. The students will use class time to explore and develop skills in this creative
Expectations and Goals: The goal of the class is to encourage students in the area of art and creativity while they
explore different mediums and techniques. Willingness to get involved in the creative process is a more important requirement than the student’s talent or previous experience. Each student is required to submit at least one work for the End of the Year Program.
Course Materials: All supplies will be provided. Cover-ups will be available; however, students are welcome to
bring their own apron/smock/old t-shirt to class. Course Schedule.
1.Be in the room before the bell rings. Dropping your stuff and leaving would not qualify you as being on time.
2. Sit at your assigned seat unless given the “OK” to move. That means you do not walk around the room during the class to socialize.
3. Talk quietly with students at your table.
4. Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!
5. Bring your work home anytime you want. You are responsible for having it back the next class day.
6. Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way
7. You are responsible for cleaning your work area and tools that you use.
8. Have fun and grow in your love for art!


Co-Ed Team Sports (Jr. High/High School)

Teacher - Kara Brown
Class fee $10 per semester. 
Class Maximum: 14
The course will consist of friendly competition in a variety of sports depending on weather & court availability. Sports will include but, not limited to: Pickleball, indoor & outdoor Basketball, Flag Football, Wiffle Ball, Kickball & Dodgeball. Game rules will be instructed & provided, in advance. Please note, that some games will be at Pollard Park & courts are open to the general public during our class period. Equipment is provided with class fees.



Pickleball - (Jr. High/High School)


Teacher - Christine Davis
Class maximum 12
Class fee $10 per semester. 
The course will consist of open play for experienced and beginner Pickleball players. Indoor/outdoor play depends on weather & court availability. Please note, that the Pickleball courts at Pollard Park are open to the general public during our class period. Indoor nets, paddles & balls are provided for use with class fees. 


JH/HS Theater

Teacher: Rebecca Leech
Class Fee: $15
Min to Max number of students: 1-20
Requirements: This class is open to all acting levels & will be geared toward filling the needs & desires of each student to help them grow in their experience and love of theater. Students need to come to each class prepared with a pencil, their issued scripts &/or materials, and a willingness to get outside their comfort zones.

Overview: Drama will center around stage performance, acting fundamentals & skills, theater etiquette both on & off stage, acting & stage terms, acting exercises & techniques, acting preparation & warmups, scene study, character study, cast support, costuming, set & props. This is a one-semester class for both fall and spring in which we will be putting on a production at the end of each semester. If your student does not want to perform in front of an audience, please do not have them enroll in this class, as it's a performing arts class: there may be additional practice time needed for this class that will require students to stay for up to 30 mins after co-op ends. This will only be if the class is very behind due to student absences or missed classes due to co-op being canceled. If additional practice time is needed parents will be notified ahead of time.

Grading Method: Each student will be graded based on participation & will receive either a pass or fail. Attendance at the final performance is mandatory. Students will have a lot of influence over how the class progresses & what we focus on in class as well as what the final production will be. I look forward to working with your students!

ARTistic Challenge 1

Teacher: Lisa White 
Class Size: 2-12 Students
Class Fee: $35 per semester

The fundamentals of color theory are explored using many different mediums and techniques.  Art appreciation and Art History will be included as students will learn about some of the Greatest Art Master's ways from The Middle ages, Italian Renaissance, Northern Countries(Renaissance to Realism), and Impressionists and having fun at the same time!  We will study up on the composition used in abstract and realistic works while practicing landscape, still life, and portraits.  This class would be a great starting point for your budding artist.  Your child will learn various mediums, how to properly use art materials, touching up on skills they've learned in their elementary classes while taking those skills to the next level, activating thought, excitement, and creativity through each lesson/art piece.  We will learn from some of the  "ARTistic Pursuits" curriculum. (CG has these teaching books I will refer to while teaching)
They will leave at the end of the year with some frame worthy pieces
And last but not least, I expect all kiddos to have a true, fun and super exciting hour!!!  :)

Looking forward to a year of learning, love, and growing!!!

Course Materials Needed: Mixed Media 9x12 Sketchbook (Master's Touch brand preferred) Student is responsible for taking care of/keeping up with.
All other materials will be supplied


ARTisticChallenge 2 (Advanced Art)

Teacher: Lisa White
Class Size: 2-12 Students
Class Fee:$35 per semester
This class will be an advanced art class for students who are ready to continue their love of art.  This class will be taken more seriously, truly needing dedication, respect for other peer artists, and responsibility and drive to work as an advanced art student. (Don't worry!  We will always have FUN)!  We will also refer back to some of the "ARTistic Pursuits" lessons, along with furthering color theory, different mediums and techniques, and challenging more advanced pieces.  I will evaluate each student as they settle into their own style and will adhere to what I see so that we can boost on something they may have a love of,  This allows us to give a little more detailed conversation with each individual student.
At the end of the year, you can expect some true works of art, ready to hang in your home for years to come!
Super excited for our year together!  Expecting lots of belly laughs!!!

Course Materials Needed:
Mixed Media 9x12 Sketchbook (Master's Touch brand)
Their own brush set(as they'll be learning how and when to each one)
Other brushes and all other materials are supplied

Woodworking and Leather 

Teachers; Jacee Luebert and Brooke Maxon

Cost for class is $40

This class will learn the basics of pyrography.

We will learn how to use the tools properly and safely while having fun. We will make a few basic projects with a bigger project at the end of the semester. Students will need their own woodburning tool which can be found at Hobby Lobby for around $20. All leather materials will be supplied and we will also learn the basics of leather working. 

Woodworking and Leather 

Teacher: Jennifer Flanders

Cost for class is $40

Class maximum: 12

 This class will provide an introduction to wood burning and leather working. We will focus on making small projects that can be finished in one or two class periods and through which students will learn skills and crafting techniques they can later apply to more ambitious, independent projects.

 Each student will need a wood-burning tool which can be purchased online or from a local craft store for about $20. Please have your student bring this to class every week, beginning with our very first class meeting in August. All other supplies will be provided. 

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